Recent Projects

3D BIM conversion of the existent MBR system in PTAR, Corporate Business Park of TUSCANIA (El Salvador)

Supply of additional ultrafiltration membranes for the expansion of the Colombina PTAR in Guatemala.

Outsource Project Management Services for PTAR fo Productos Alimenticios Bocadeli S.A. by C.V

Government projects

LP-02-2020 ANDA. Construction and Supply of Desalination System equipment for Madresal Island in the Municipality of Puerto El Triunfo

The project aims to provide drinking water to the isolated community of Isla Madresal. Given its remote location, the island has no access to drinking water. The existing well, which used to provide fresh water, has in recent years become brackish, then the project is to provide an Reverse Osmosis Treatment System to remove salts, iron and manganese.

The project is financed by the International Agency for Spanish Cooperation through the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation.

Supply and Installation of Pumping Equipment for the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Metapán

The objective of the project is to install equipment and supply an electronic control for the pumping station of the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the City of Metapan.

This project was developed to reduce the contamination of the Metapan Lagoon, which currently has a high level of algae growth. The excessive algae growth could gradually harm the lagoon life and the health of the water the population.